Purity, proportion, origin

We select daily only those stones that we considers worthy of our jewels: the perfect harmony of the cut, vital in restoring light to best effect and bringing out the true value of the stone, is one of the principal selection criteria for diamonds.

Dedication to excellence is behind the company’s decision to maintain direct control over every aspect of its creations, including the essential phase of diamonds selection.

Diamonds are also guaranteed conflict free and are always from legitimate sources. They are purchased directly from the main production centers, at the best rates on the market.


For the Lenti family, selection of diamonds is primarily a real tradition, passed down from generation to generation. And so Danilo Lenti – the current President – has acquired from his father, the founder Pietro, every skills and sensitivity to manage this activity at its finest. 

Piero Lenti, founder. 

Danilo Lenti, President.